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Free Activity Sheets and Resources

Keep your students or children engaged with these free STEM-related worksheets, designed by the expert Education Team at John's Crew. Click on the image to access the document(s). 


Name that Planet Activity Sheet

There are many planets in our solar system. Can you name them? Use the clues under each planet and write its name in the box provided. 


Reading Recap 

Use this form to capture the details of the great books you've read. Complete this page for each book and review the recap later.


Math Dice Game 

Learn how to add and subtract using dice! 


Oh, Look at the Time! (Packet) 

Being able to tell and work with time is a very valuable skill. Use this packet to practice telling time.


Bonus Activity: Make your own Watch


Gratitude is my Attitude - Journal Writing Exercise

Writing a journal helps you recognize your own feelings over certain things or events. For this exercise, write down at least 10 things that made you feel good today.

Skip Count.PNG

What Comes Next? Practice Skip Counting 

Given the numbers, determine what should be written on the blank spaces by using what you know about skip counting.

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