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STEM education is crucial to educate and prepare the next generation of the American, and global workforce, and to allow this generation to create jobs and grow the economy. 

                                                                                           -- Huffington Post 

Now booking author visits through 2023! 

We love reading, writing and STEM, so we want to encourage students everywhere to engage in activities that promote literacy and the use of STEM principles.  To this end, author John Xavier speaks at schools across the country to share his love for science and reading. 


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Our author visits and program options are customized to align with the curriculum and to meet the needs of the students. Below are examples of the common program options that have been requested: 

Author Visit Kit & Interview Questions (PDF)
Short Version | Full Version 

Book Readings & Signings 

John Xavier is a young author who supports literacy among learners at all reading levels. After reading his book(s), he spends time discussing and answering questions about his writing process. 

Hands-On Activities 

We offer hands-on science and/or math activities with a theme that is connected to your curriculum. This option is best coupled with the book reading. Examples of hands-on activities that we've done in the past are: 

  • Carbon Dioxide - Eruption Destruction Experiment 

  • Space Food (Apple Science) Experiment 

  • Math Equation Bingo (Game) 

  • Design your own 3D Space Shuttle (Arts & Crafts) 

Small Group Activities 

All of our small group (not school affiliated) program options are customized to align with the mission or the organization and needs of the students. Contact us for more information. 

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